Do You Need A Newly Released Microsoft Office 2019

It is good news for Windows and mac users that Microsoft has launched its latest version of office Suite. Microsoft office 2019 is finally prepared to be used with one-time purchase choice in both Windows and mac systems. The company has created changes by adding new and unique options in office 2019. The office 365 version is one among the foremost used versions of Microsoft office. The subscribers of Cloud-based office 365 are using the office application tools and its updates, and now the office 2019 offers a one-time purchase option.

Microsoft Office 2019

This one-time purchase offers the infinite use of office Suite with access to new options and updates when they are released. According to the company, office 2019 is important for the customers to keep the apps on servers. In addition, the company revealed that there would be a set of features almost like but not a part of office 365. The recently released version of office 2019 is an on-premise productivity suite.

Download the office Suite from the internet on your mac and Windows systems. Once the installation completes and you have paid for the office Suite, you will be ready to use the Microsoft office Suite 2019 without any additional payments for up gradation. The on-premise office 2019 giving some unique and extra features like Editor in Word, Designer in PowerPoint, ideas in excel, in progress feature updates, time period collaboration, sharing, etc.Office 2019 isn’t offered directly for the handsets; still, the users will get the separate apps in their handsets to achieve the fundamental office experience. Since the company has revealed about the new options, so, let’s see what’s new in office 2019.



The Word application has a Black theme with learning tools with captions and audio description. With improved inking functionality, Word additionally features a text to speech feature. It can be named as the Speech feature.



According to the developer company, OneNote is offering great usability with Windows 10 with features including ink to text, ability to enhance the working experience of the user and improved syncing.



Outlook has an updated contact card and introduces targeted inbox features. With office 365 Groups1, Outlook has support @ mentions.



The company added the Zoom capabilities and made the users able to manage 3D image inside the program.



The businesspersons can take huge advantage of the new Excel which is coming with Funnel Charts, 2D maps, and timelines. Using the excel, the user will publish the sheet to Power Bi in the 2019 office Suite.

The new Microsoft office 2019 is available for business volume customers, but it’ll be available soon because the consumer version. But if you are using the business subscription of Office 365 version, then don’t worry as your apps will update with a new release. You can know more about it by downloading or getting directions of using it at


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